Panna Construction is a full service Commercial General Contractor/Construction Management Firm with our Corporate Offices located in Somerdale New Jersey since our incorporation in 1955. Founded in 1920 by Frank Panna Sr. who’s goals were and are still at the forefront of today. Currently, proudly owned and managed by third generation. Registered in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.

Goals & Objectives

To provide the same level of service we would expect had we been the client not the service provider. To provide personalized service while maintaining a manageable sized firm to accomplish this goal as well as being selective in the pursuit of the projects we solicit.

To prioritize the client’s desires and do whatever needs to be done to accomplish this goal. To operate our business and it projects in the most safe, efficient and cost effective manner. To promote repeat business. Currently 80% of our business is obtained thru long established relationships with Architectural & Engineering firms as well as previous clients.

To maintain a strong relationship with our Bonding Company. We have never been denied a bid or performance bond for any project on which we were preparing a proposal or were awarded a contract.

Our Offices are located in the same building that we built in 1960. A building we proudly own, not a leased space.

To deliver the absolute best possible building in a timely manner, thru constant communication and in a competitive environment while exceeding expectations. Our quality control is constantly being evaluated and something that is never taken for granted or compromised.

We are driven and dedicated to continually improve the tasks we perform for our clients.

Expertise and Markets Sectors

Commercial Buildings: Warehouse, Office, Fit Outs, etc.

Religious Facilities: Churches, Parish Centers, Rectories, Convents, etc.

Banks/ Financial Institutions.

Auto Dealerships & Service Facilities.

Educational Facilities: Charter Schools

Industrial Facilities.


Pre Engineered Metal Buildings.

Historic Restorations.

Sustainable Energy.